Sri Sharda Group Of Institutions


Nirmesh Singh

The term education is derived from a Latin term “Educatum” which means “To lead” and to me education is leading out what is already in a child’s soul. So at Sri Sharda we believe in not just learning but an awakening of mind by giving our students a platform and environment to fully realise their potential.

The institute was established in the year 2011 with a noble vision of making quality professional education accessible to all and since then we have been striving to leave no stone unturned for giving nothing but the best to our students and the society. We at Sri Sharda work to create a vibrant environment to develop a critical thinking approach in our students which focuses on not just pinpointing the problems but working to bring out solutions. Our teaching pedagogy very much focuses on the think out of the box approach using role plays, case study, internships and training for engaging our students in to real world scenario so as to prepare them for the challenges ahead in life.

Training and placement is one of the most important facet of the institute, the organization works on every dimension to ensure that our students are ready to actively contribute to any organization they become a part of in future, and also provides placement assistance to our institute and actively conducts campus recruitment drives and mega job fairs so that proper opportunities meet the well prepared students. The college holds a record placement of 4000+ students in premier corporate in a single day at the successful mega job fair.

The old saying of “All work no play makes Jack a dull boy” very much finds its way into our working so we have various fun activities like colleges fests, CSR activities, community service, sports fests and other events scheduled for our students to break the monotony of routine and also inculcate some important aspects of life such as team work, leadership and social responsibility. Activities such as Traffic awareness, Sharda Sarang, Nadi Bachao , and many others were organized to give our students a platform to channelize their talent and energy and show the world what they have to offer apart from academics. We expect our students to venture beyond their comfort zones both inside and outside the classrooms to take maximum advantage of these facilities, participate fully and evolve into a brand.

At Sri Sharda we believe in not just polishing the stones but to carve monuments out of them, so our teaching methods and college activities are designed in such a way that every student grows to his maximum potential. We hope and also promise to keep working and serving the way we have been doing since the past decade and even expand our horizons and get better with time but one thing that will stay the same will be our willingness to try and turn every student of this institute into a person that he will be proud of in future.